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Sugarloaf & Spaulding, June 2&3 2007

A hike to a couple 4000-footers in Maine, with a bushwhack to Caribou Pond. For Sunday I'd originally planned to bushwhack up Redington and hike over Bigelow, but woke up feeling tired and decided to get home early instead.
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thumbnail I left Boston at an ungodly early hour. Spotting this snapping turtle laying eggs beside the road almost made it worth it.
thumbnail I assume that's a propellor scar along her back.
thumbnail Here you can see how close to the road she is.
thumbnail From the ski slopes on Sugarloaf, a view north to Bigelow Mountain.
thumbnail Only people I met all weekend: a family hiking down the easy ski slopes.
thumbnail This is the summit of Sugarloaf.
thumbnail A view south from the summit to Mt Abraham.
thumbnail A view east from the summit to Burnt Hill.
thumbnail Close-up on Burnt Hill.
thumbnail A red squirrel (tamiasciurus hudsonicus) had been climbing on the radio tower.
thumbnail The squirrel keeping a wary eye on me as it approaches the summit.
thumbnail Squirrel fleeing the summit.
thumbnail Starting the uphill section of the Appalachian Trail to Spaulding Mountain. First traces of snow on the ground.
thumbnail View from the summit of Spaulding Mountain.
thumbnail View toward Sugarloaf from Spaulding Mountain.
thumbnail Attempted self-portrait at Spaulding Mountain Lean-To.
thumbnail My bushwhack route along a moose trail: somebody marked it with plastic ribbon.
thumbnail The bridge at the north end of Caribou Pond. This one was in better repair than most.
thumbnail Spaulding Mountain from my campsite at Caribou Pond.
thumbnail An inlet of Caribou Pond.
thumbnail More of Caribou Pond.
thumbnail Spaulding Mountain from the shore of Caribou Pond.
thumbnail The outlet of Caribou Pond.
thumbnail Typical mud along Caribou Valley Road.
thumbnail Moose print in the mud.
thumbnail Serviceberry blossoms along the road.
thumbnail Alder catkins.
thumbnail One of many road hazards.
thumbnail This junco kept its distance - it must not be used to seeing people out here. The ones in the city are calmer.
thumbnail Bluets (Houstonia caerulea) with strawberry leaves.
thumbnail Strawberry flowers with strawberry leaves.
thumbnail Horsetails (equisetum).
thumbnail Purple trillium (trillium erectum).
thumbnail Close-up on the purple trillium.
thumbnail White-throated sparrow (zonotrichia albicollis)
thumbnail A chipmunk just within range of my camera's flash.
thumbnail Interrupted Fern (Osmunda claytoniana).
thumbnail Chokecherry (prunus virginiana).

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