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Paranoid Hiker's Guide to New England

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The Paranoid Hiker's Guide to New England is a work in progress. I aim to catalogue every possible hazard that could befall a hiker outdoors in New England: mountain lions, venomous snakes, poisonous plants and mushrooms, annoying pests like mosquitoes, diseases like giardia and Lyme, and even some natural hazards like lightning, hypothermia, and tornadoes and earthquakes (yes, both can occur in New England).

As you should be able to tell from the few articles that are already online, articles will follow a basic format: illustration of the risks in frightening detail, followed by sensible advice on how to avoid or deal with the danger, and references to authoritative sources. In other words, something here for those wanting to be frightened, but also practical advice for those courageous enough to venture outdoors.

There will be a profusion of indices and cross-indices. Should you be reading about black flies and wonder, "how many other types of biting insects can I find in New England?", or "is there an article here about buffalo gnats?" the answers will be just a click or two away.

If you see something that needs correcting, or have a suggestion for an article or for a way to improve the Guide, please contact me.

As time permits I will try to enrich the articles with photographs and illustrations. I will accept (non-copyright-encumbered) donated pictures as well.

The _Guide_ is copyrighted; please see my policy before reproducing any portion of it in any form.