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Paranoid Hiker's Guide to New England

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Table of Contents

This is a work in progress. As I add articles I will make the links here active.

Part I: Large Animals

catamount, black bear, moose, wolf, coyote, hunters & other humans

Part II: Venomous Snakes

rattlesnake, copperhead

Part III: Insects & other Bloodsuckers

A: ticks, fleas, chiggers, mites
B: mosquitoes, gnats, flies

Part IV: Plants & Fungi to avoid

poison ivy, stinging nettle, deadly nightshade, skunk cabbage

Part V: Cute & Treacherous: Furry & Feathery Critters

deer, skunk, squirrel, chipmunk, mouse, vole, porcupine, hedgehog, bats, foxes, spruce grouse, grey jay

Part VI: Diseases

giardia, eastern (equine) encephalitis, Lyme disease

Part VII: Natural Hazards

lightning, hypothermia, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, landslides, avalanches, spruce traps